Design Services

Meehan Design Group provides comprehensive design services for any residential project you can dream up, whether it is a one room addition on a charming cape, remodeling/renovating your interior spaces or creating new plans for an Adirondack style home you have always wanted, Meehan Design Group approaches each job the same way. First, we listen attentively to the client’s needs and wishes while getting a thorough grasp of the projects scope, then with the clients approval, concepts are begun paying special attention to the sites natural attributes and its limitations. The concepts are drawn to a smaller but accurate scale and detailed enough to get a clear idea of the designer’s direction (inside and out). Once the concepts are approved the design team then moves on to creating the construction documents needed to acquire the necessary building permits in the projects municipality. Each project is handled professionally and creatively so that functionality and aesthetics play an equal role in the completed documents.

Meehan Design Group also has a wide array of completed plans ranging from 1500 to 10,000 square feet that can be purchased for your individual project.


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